To follow the Rule, It is too hard!!

Last weekends went to Penang Hill, via hiking route as we already experience to go there using train so this time we want to make our body happy. If you wish to see my experience using train, you may refer to this video.


“To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.”
-Gene Tunney
Referring to my topic. I want to share with you a story that perfectly sums up why I’am come up with this topic “To follow the Rule, It is too hard!!”. It happen when we are queuing for the train down from the Penang Hill.
Since this is the second time there, I don’t expect to have a long line (about 500 m) and we wait about an hour before this makcik comes and just cut the line roughly 5 person in front of me with a daughter and 2 sons. Then I keep on asking myself…
“They don’t feel sorry at all to those who are standing behind her right?”
” Is she feel proud when she is successfullycutting the line “
Enough thinking on my own. I think the best things to educate people is when every one take the responsibility and brave enough to said:
“Excuse me, but I believe you just cut in line”😌

Pesanan Kasih sayang

Be polite be humble and don’t just simply cut the line unless you are Cutting tool.🤪


Hai, this post is on my vacation with my lovely office mate. Before all memory faded, it is better for me to put it here!! I will share with you some important details of our trip. Yoshhhh, let us start!!

Hatyai, a city in Thailand’s far south near the Malaysian border you can go via Bukit Kayu Hitam or Padang Besar (U) borders. Hat Yai is popular to the visitors with their tasty food and shopping destination.

Our Trip Details

Duration: 2 Days 1 Night
How many people: 5 Adult
Roughly Budget: RM 250 / person (All in)
Road: Penang – Bukit Kayu Hitam – Hat Yai – Bukit Kayu Hitam – Penang


The Bed Hotel Hat Yai, we took the family room and add 1 extra Bed. Here is the link . I like this hotel so much. Very suitable for family trip. You can go to the shopping centre in a walking distance. I give 5 Star!!!


We depart from Penang around 6.30pm go directly to Bukit Kayu Hitam, park our car at Bukit Kayu Hitam Duty-Free (RM18) and take Van to Hatyai. The cost 900BHT per trip. From there, we took a private Van to Hat Yai. At Hat Yai, we used a TUT-TUT to go the location that we want. Cost is around 20BHT trip/ person. *Boleh je jalan kaki untuk tempat dekat-dekat
Going back to Penang, we decided to try a Van. The cost will be much cheaper compared to using a Private Van *Sorry I don’t remember how much did I pay for it. From Hotel we go to the bus station and take the Van. They will drop you at the Thailand borders only. *Exercise a little bit lah. 😜

The place that we visited

You may refer to the video this trip is mainly for shopping and eating. Where we go!!
  • Asian Night Market
  • Khlong Hae Floating Market
  • Lee Garden Plaza
  • Kim Yong Market
  • Dimsum Chabura (halal, cheap and tasty dim sum)*must try
  • Central Festival ts
Who said a girl can’t read the map
IMG_2694 (1)
Food where the love begin
IMG_2779 (1)
Food again

Pesanan Kasih Sayang

  • For girls, please change extra money as you might regrets *Baju murah-murah wehhhh 🤤🤤
  • Go early to the borders else you have to wait and waste your time there.

IMG_9267 (1)